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What does it mean to be a part of assist?

Assist Healthcare is run and owned by health professionals with over 20 years of experience working in aged care and are passionate about what we do and the lives we change. The team at assist healthcare want you to be a part of a great team culture where you are appreciated by your employer and colleagues, encompassing a vision of helping senior Australians to remain empowered, active and healthy in their homes.

Opportunities and Benefits

Work Life Balance

(Full time/Part time/Casual)

Depending on your situation and preference we may have a role for you. For those that want security of regular hours - great! For those that want flexibility to work around a busy schedule - great too! Let's chat about what will make you happy with your future employment.

Professional Development

Regular Professional Development opportunities from both internal and external sources. Not just to tick a box for registration but to give you the ability to grow your professional skills with the latest evidence.

Attractive Remuneration

It doesn't mean everything but we live in the same world as you - costs are rising and we know how important it is to be remunerated accordingly. assist healthcare pays above market rates to ensure we attract and keep the best health professionals.

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